Excellent Property Inspection Services

Are you planning to buy a residential or commercial property? If so, a thorough inspection can reveal any potential issues with the property.

Discounts for Investors

Discounts are available for investors needing more than 5 inspections.

Our inspector is a licensed residential builder in Saginaw, MI and a licensed real-estate salesperson.

We undertake general inspections for:

  • schools
  • daycares
  • residential homes
  • business properties
  • new constructions
  • medical/professional offices
  • retail outlets
  • and more!
Local Home Inspection Services

Our Inspections Cover the Following:

-Grounds    -Exterior       -Roof        -Plumbing    -Heating     -Cooling -Electrical     -Interior     -Kitchen     -Foundation    -Attic

We Serve the Entire State of Michigan

Guardian Building Inspections & Appraisals Inc. is based in Saginaw, MI and we serve all of Michigan. We offer inspections 7 days a week and we're available by phone 24/7.

Home Inspection and Radon Testing

Are you Breathing Clean Air?

Having the air in your home tested is crucial to staying healthy. We'll preform an air quality inspection with the appropriate testing and lab analysis to make sure your home is safe.

Make Sure your Property is Mold Free

basements     bathrooms     kitchens

residential properties     attics      businesses

Quality Septic System Testing for your Property

A functional septic system is perhaps one of the most essential prerequisites for a hygienic home environment free from harmful bacteria that can trigger far-ranging health complications.

Know What We Do to Ensure Your Safety

Guardian Building Inspections & Appraisals Inc. offers septic system testing for real estate lenders and potential buyers. We'll dig up the septic tank hatch, stake out the septic field, check the tank for visible cracks of septic systems. We also offer well testing to ensure water in the premises is safe for drinking and other use.

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Appointments available within 1-3 days

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