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Now Using Advanced Thermal Imaging

Get Your Water & Air Tested First!

Water is highly susceptible to toxins and if quality of water is compromised, serious health complications can follow.

  • Make sure the water you use at home is safe and free from harmful agents.
  • Get the air around your home inspected.

Testing the quality of water, especially drinking water, is another service we offer and we use a local lab for the testing process.

Saginaw Home Inspections

Our Process Tests Water for the Following:

  • Lead
  • Fluoride Levels
  • Arsenic
  • Harmful bacteria
  • Coliform
  • Ground water leaks
  • Sewage contamination

We attest the quality of drinking water and perform inspections to meet compliance standards.

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Professional Radon Testing for your Property

Radon is odorless and invisible.  The only way to know if your property is safe from radon, is to have your building professionally tested.  We offer top quality radon testing services to help keep your family safe. Count on us for professional radon testing services.

Professional Lab Testing

Guardian Building Inspections & Appraisals Inc. sends results directly from the lab to the client. We send all samples to a professional lab and on-site sampling. We also offer yearly radon testing services for daycares. 

Radon Testing Services

Environmental Air Sampling

  • We serve both residential and commercial properties.


Are you Breathing Clean Air?

Getting the air in your home tested is crucial to staying healthy. We are proud to offer professional environmental air sampling. We also offer Ozone treatment that can remove the smell of urine, cigarette smoke, grease, fire and soots as well as kill mold & mildew. Have your property inspected TODAY!.

Our Testing Covers a Range of Parameters

  • Pollens
  • Mold - 22 Types
  • Danders
  • Environmental irritants
  • Overall air quality

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